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The Chicago Diner

Meat Free Since ’83
Newsletter Issue 64
December 30, 2009

Best of Diners on TLC

Filming Jan 11
Be on TV!

The Learning Channel (TLC) is producing a new food discovery show & have selected Chicago Diner for an upcoming episode "Best of Diners".

They will be filming the behind the scenes making of the award winning Radical Reuben Sandwich, all the way from ingredients & preparation to the customer’s mouth and interviewing guests.

Filming will be most of the day on Monday January 11. We are pleased to invite you to join us on that day, to celebrate veggie dining and share the experience with The Learning Channel.

Coming in January

Look for Chicago Diner
cookies & muffin packs, starting January 12.

New freshness-saver packaging with nutritional information.

Featured at midwest
Whole Foods Markets in
IL, WI, MO, MI, MN & IN.

Ask for Chicago Diner bakery items!

Chicago Diner’s Adopted Ducks

"Mickey & Jo"

2 rescued ducks at the
Woodstock Farm
Animal Sanctuary

Chicago Diner is honored to sponsor these special ducks & support the work of our friends at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Look for updates on Mickey & Jo on our website in the coming year.

"Mickey & Jo", named after Chicago Diner’s founders, are two Muscovy ducks who were rescued by an NYC resident.

Both were found distressed & in poor shape, showing telltale signs of having escaped from some sort of livestock operation.

Their upper bills were cut, they were malnourished and the female had a severely broken wing (which had to be amputated), most likely from being brutally kicked or struck with an object.

Jo was taken in for care to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Mickey, who proved more elusive to the rescue team was brought in later.

The reaction of the pair when reunited was truly heart-warming. They ran to each other, clucking gently & ‘embraced’ by wrapping their necks around each other, much to the awe of the volunteer staff at WFAS. Mickey & Jo are now recovering and are inseparable.

VegNews 2009 Veggie Awards

35,000 voters in The VegNews 2009 Veggie Awards, bestowed Chicago Diner with Readers Pick for Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant. Chicago Tribune’s: The Stew.

See our full page "Vegan Chicago Style" ad in the Jan-Feb issue of VegNews (page 9). Are you hungry now? See a larger version here.

Chicago Diner is now a 5 time VegNews Veggie Award winner, with a total of 17 Best of / Reader’s Choice Awards in the last 5 years.

Recent celebrity customers:
Moby, Weezer, Billy Zane, Ellen Degeneres, Portia DeRossi, Chrissi Hynde, Fleet Foxes, Rise Against.

Vegan Chicago Style.

A thick house made seitan slab in a sweet & tangy sauce with grilled onions, lettuce & tomato on a toasted sesame hoagie. Shown with sweet potato fries.

Featured Hot Drinks

Vegan Hot Stuff:

Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Irish Cream Coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Mexican Hot Cocoa
Hot Apple Cider
Chai Latte

NEW Diner Style logo mugs Available January 15!



"It’s a cozy diner, with appropriate comforting food. Poor Ryan took forever to read the menu, since he’s somewhat used to being limited to the few vegetarian options at most restaurants and was a little overwhelmed.

I’m crazy about Reubens, so my choice was easy. He finally decided on the “Philly Cheeze ‘Steak’”. We both opted for the mac ‘n cheese as a side. The seitan in both sandwiches was peppery and sliced super thin.

Mine inexplicably was bright pink [editor's note: beet juice!] (which Mom explained is the color of corned beef when I asked about it later) and the Russian dressing was superb. So wonderfully messy I had to eat it with a knife and fork. His cheesesteak was amazing. He finished his and it’s a testament to the size of these that he didn’t finish mine, too. I was feeling a little splurgy and went ahead and suggested milkshakes for dessert. He chose açai-berry and I went for chocolate chip cookie dough.

My shake in general and the whipped cream on top of his earned some quiet awestruck obscenities…The little bits of cookie dough in mine were amazing, but I don’t think I could have walked out of there under my own power had Ryan not selflessly volunteered to trade."



"Ginnifer Goodwin says adopt a turkey!…Join Ginnifer Goodwin and Farm Sanctuary in celebrating this noble bird through participation in the 2009 Adopt-a-Turkey Program.

On our last Thanksgiving in the Windy Cindy, we sponsored a turkey called Whisper whose photo adorned our table while we feasted on bird-free vegan vittles from The Chicago Diner. Three cheers for new and better traditions!"


Gaper’s Block

"Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy!…Favorite restaurant in Chicago? … My husband and I got married at Chicago Diner, so that’s in the top 5 for sure.

"The menu was overwhelming, and even though all of the main dishes looked delicious, we went with sandwiches.  Mine (foreground) was a Reuben made with seitan, accompanied by chili; his was something called the “swarma,” which included harisa and sauteed cauliflower, with sweet potato fries on the side.  Even this was too much food!"

" We all went out to eat at The Chicago Diner, which is this superamazing veggie restaurant in Chicago that I have drool-dreams about. The food is incredible. I get headaches just dealing with the menu and so many options."

Cookbook review
Veg Family

"I was willing to try anything that wasn’t a typical meat & potatoes restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by their menu-full of almost all-vegan choices, including decadent vegan desserts. Almost as exciting was the rack of Chicago Diner cookbooks, featuring many of their most popular menu items…

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to try these selections first-hand,
or you’re just looking for some great new recipes, this is definitely a
must-have for your kitchen!"

Gift Ideas

The Chicago Diner Cookbook features over 100 of our classic favorites like Lentil Loaf, Shepherd’s Pie, Sloppy Jo, Black Bean Burger, also, desserts, brunch items, soups & sauces. More than 10,000 sold.

Friends & family need ideas for gifts?
Drop a hint about these gift ideas for the hungry vegetarian:
The Chicago Diner Cookbook, T-Shirt, Tote Bag or Gift Card
Available now in our webstore.
We offer low cost shipping to 50 states.

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190 North – abc7chicago

Chicago Diner was featured on ABC 7′s popular 190 North. The show featured unique Chicago diners.

The Chicago Diner, Meat Free Since 1983, is very unique.

Checkout the video podcast from July 5.

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