PICKUP and DELIVERY: 12–8PM daily


Award-winning Vegan Milk Shakes

Just ask anyone who's had one; our milk shakes are cause for wide eyes and deep contemplation. And some of them are gluten free too!


The Radical Reuben!

Our flagship sandwich, The Radical Reuben is known worldwide. Come in and taste what all the fuss is about!


Gluten Free Menu!

Ask your server for our gluten free menu. Two pages of classic diner selections, several seasonal choices, desserts, and milk shakes!


Our Halsted Location

Our original Halsted location in Lakeview features the old diner feel.


Logan Square Location

Our newest location in Logan Square features a full bar with 9 taps along with our award-winning menu and booths that can handle large groups.


Logan Square Bar

Our newest Logan Square location has a full bar serving up vegan classics like Bloody Marys and White Russians along with our own signature cocktails. Our craft beer and wine list rounds out the bases.


A plea for kindness.

Hi everyone! We'd like to ask a favor.

We realize stress levels are high but we'd like to ask that we all please make an effort to be kind. Our staff and Caviar's drivers are leaving the safety of their homes daily to provide a service. And customers are leaving the safety of their homes to pick up orders and run errands. Please be aware of social distancing when encountering other people. Everyone is just trying to get what they need and get home.

We love our staff and customers and want everyone to be as safe as possible. It's an imperfect and completely abnormal time right now. As a small, locally owned business, we're doing our very best to continue providing the comforting foods you love while abiding by the safety orders coming from our local government.

Please be aware that the new order is a statewide requirement.

no mask, no service graphicWe support our local government orders including this latest one: requiring masks for anyone picking up orders at either of our locations.

Please also abide by the pick up time for your order so we may ensure customers are spaced apart safely. If you arrive early, please wait outside until your pickup time and please be aware of the distance guidelines when entering.

Our staff will not be exiting our restaurant to hand off orders outside. They will not be interacting with individuals outside our restaurants. They are safely located on the kitchen-side of the interior tables set up for handing off orders.

No-Contact Pickup and Delivery 12pm to 8pm.

Caviar is our ordering partner and all pickup and delivery orders must be placed via Caviar. We are not able to accept cash or credit card payments at this time. Tips for deliveries can be entered into the Caviar app. Tips for pickups, however, cannot. So we have a tip jar at each location and it is sanitized at the end of the shift. Caviar’s delivery area is covers up to 10-miles within Chicago. Please check your app to see if you're within range. Please read our safety FAQs so that we may all be as safe as possible under the circumstances.

There continue to be some intermittent issues with Caviar and they are working on it as fast as they can during this extreme time. We really do appreciate everyone’s support and persistence. Thank you.

Mickey and Jo have their masks ready to go, our staff wears masks and gloves all day in our kitchens and dining room while making your food, and we're sharing a link here to make your own no-sew mask from a bandana.

Thank you so much for your support.
Mickey, Jo, Michael and the crew.

Mickey and Jo have their masks at the ready

How to support our staff.

Every effort is being made to keep as many of our beloved employees gainfully employed, with as much work as possible. We’ve not only increased hourly pay for our front of house staff, but have maintained hours for back of house and kitchen staff employees. For some of our employees, it is simply best to file for unemployment and we’ve connected them with all the resources to do so. Finally, we’re matching $5,000 to each GoFundMe page set up by employees of our locations at Logan Square and Halsted and encourage you to support them as well.

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    Our latest cookbook makes a great gift! Recipes include our signature Radical Reuben, milkshakes, Buddha Karma burger, cheesecake, and home made seitan meats. Order one today.

  • Buy our cakes by the slice at select Whole Foods groceries in the US Midwest and Ontario. Check with your Whole Foods to see which flavors they stock. Here’s a handy list of the Whole Foods locations.

  • Gluten Free Menu

    Check out our gluten free menu for appetizer, entree, sandwiches, brunch, and dessert items.